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Intern with Indiana Phenology!

Hi there! I am Lydia, and I am the latest intern for Indiana Phenology. I study Environmental Health and International Studies at Indiana University Bloomington.

As a college student, you are often reminded that internships are very important during your undergraduate journey. They are important for many reasons. For one, internships allow you to see if you like what you are studying or what you think you want to do. I want to work in some way for the environment, perhaps in the nonprofit sector, so interning with Indiana Phenology made sense for me to see if that is the right path for me. Another reason internships are important is because of the benefits of networking. These days, it is important to make connections with people and to put yourself out there before looking for jobs. Make an impact and impression!

As an intern with Indiana Phenology, I have had the privilege of working on many different projects for a variety of programs. Intern duties include:

Schoolyard Phenology: Assist in supporting participating schools. Projects may include designing educational materials, curriculum development, planning our annual Student Research Forum and engaging with schools in our programs.

Backyard Observers Project: Help maintain communication with Backyard Observers, create educational resources, and assist with planning and presenting virtual workshops.

The Indiana Phenology Trail: Assists with all aspects of The Indiana Phenology Trail program. Tasks include outreach to potential partner sites, designing promotional material, and assisting with planning and presenting virtual workshops and training.

GIS Analysis Project: Help us upgrade our phenology data analysis by translating our current manual data analysis to GIS-based system. Tasks include: gathering data from multiple public datasets, automating the monthly analysis of collected data, and developing impactful visuals to share with public.

During my internship this summer, I did a lot of work with the Trail Program. This was something I felt the most passionate about during my onboarding several months ago, and I was able to tailor my internship to delve into that program. Another perk of the internship is that you get to work one-on-one with the Executive Director to really build a connection and see the intricacies of running an organization. Also, it is fully remote (with some in person opportunities if you are interested in that).

So, are you wondering if this internship is for you? Well, if you are still on the fence, let me ask you some questions:

  1. Do you love nature?

  2. Do you care about the impacts of climate change?

  3. Do you want to gain professional experience?

If you said yes to those, then I recommend you apply! I will forever use the experience and skills that I have developed this summer for future opportunities in my academic and professional careers.

I am the 16th intern at Indiana Phenology, and I cannot wait to see the next interns that grow this organization! Do you want to be the 17th? Apply now!

To apply you need

  1. Your resume

  2. A letter of interest including desired internship period and project preference

  3. Your unofficial transcript

After you have those materials, click the “Apply Now” button here

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