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Every child deserves the opportunity to be fully immersed in the scientific process. Indiana Phenology provides a consortium of schools with free curriculum, funding assistance, and on-going support each year.

2022 Student Forum Presentation Winners

2022 Student Forum Winners

The Indiana Phenology Student Research Forum is for students from classrooms participating in the Indiana Schoolyard Phenology program.


The forum is the culmination of a year of outdoor nature observation and provides students with a chance to share their work with students from other schools across Indiana. 


In all, 62 students from two schools submitted 21 presentations. Students, friends, teachers, parents and guardians were invited to view these presentations and vote for their favorites. A panel of nonpartisan judges also reviewed the presentations.

Congratulations to Kiersen, Mia, and Nabeeha for their winning presentation on Virginia creeper!

Free Resources for Teachers

Supplement your science education with phenology!

Activities for kids ages 3-17 are available for free.

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