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Indiana Phenology recognizes the racism present in modern botanical taxonomy and the need for the scientific and hobbyist communities to come together to develop better common names for many plant species, including "indiangrass".

The common name appears as such on our website for ease of discovery by individuals familiar with this name and because there is not currently an alternative common name.

To learn more about racism in taxonomy, we recommend reading the short Hoyt Arboretum article available here.

Sorghastrum nutans, commonly known as either Indiangrass or yellow Indiangrass, is a North American prairie grass found in the central and eastern United States and Canada, especially in the Great Plains and tallgrass prairies. Wikipedia

You can help scientists understand how climate change is impacting this species by using the phenophase guide below to observe its lifecycle in Nature's Notebook.

Indiangrass Phenophase Guide
Download PDF • 3.16MB

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