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Get Crafty this Fall!

Just because nature is winding down into dormancy for winter, doesn't mean you and your family can't still engage with the changing process of the seasons.

This week was my sister's fall break and we decided to collect some cool leaves from our neighborhood and make a craft with them. We had a lot of fun and you and your kids can do the same!

We did two crafts:

  • painting and stamping the leaves,

  • and "Mod-Podgeing" them to preserve.

First, we collected the leaves, trying to find ones with different colors and shapes. As an extra enriching activity we tried to determine what trees they came from based on their shape. We determined that we found leaves from Maple, Tulip, and Eastern Redbud trees.

Next, we brought the leaves home and shorted them based on whether we wanted to preserve them or paint them. We decided the ones with deeper ridges were better for stamping and the ones with pretty colors were better for preserving.

Then, we got to work!

The stamping activity is very easy: you just paint the ridged side of the leaf and stamp in on the paper, making sure to push down on all the edges so you can get the entire shape to show up.

The preserving activity involves painting each side of the leaves with "Mod-Podge," (clear glue can work as well) and laying them on wax paper to dry.

I hope you try one of these activities this Fall before the leaves are hidden under snow!

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