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Plant List Field Guide

Updated: Mar 18

Shagbark hickory, red columbine, silver maple, black walnut, and purple coneflower.

Indiana Phenology's dedicated Backyard Observers monitor these species and many more found on our Plant List. With observers across Indiana collecting data on the same set of common species, we can explore how trends vary by region.

Want to know more about the plants on our Plant List, including how to identify them so you, too, can start observing them? Check out this very helpful resource: our Plant List Field Guide. This guide covers every species on our Plant List with info on their leaves, flowers, fruits, and habitats. Also, which pollinators, caterpillars, and birds call these species home or part of their diet. And we've thrown in a few fun facts, as well.

Thanks to our summer interns, Josh Randall and Lydia Minton, for all their hard work putting together this comprehensive guide!

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