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Fall/Spring Activity Guides - Elementary

This curriculum provides upper elementary-aged children with the opportunity to explore environmental issues through the lens of phenology, which is the study of the recurring, seasonal rhythms in nature. In addition to engaging crafts and activities, students have the opportunity to be scientists as they participate in Indiana Phenology’s Schoolyard Phenology observation program by observing and documenting the progression of changes in plants on school grounds during the course of the 10-week curriculum.

Each seasonal guide (Fall and Spring) features 10 weeks of activities. These environmental education lesson plans are designed for once-a-week 1 - 2 hour sessions. The final week reviews the whole unit and ties it all together. Each lesson plan includes:

● Theme - Each of the 10 lesson plans is organized around a different environmental


● Background Information - Basic background information is provided along with each

theme to aid the teacher in presenting the educational topics and activities.

● Hands-on activities - Concepts are reinforced through games, crafts and other hands-on


● Outdoor Observation - Students become scientists as they report on whether they see

leaves, flowers and fruits on a preselected set of trees and plants located on school

grounds. Student data sheets are returned to Indiana Phenology (either mail them or

submit them digitally via email) and are added to the pool of phenology data recorded

across the state.

Here they are:

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