Schoolyard Phenology


Little Explorers

Preparing young children to identify and accept change is an important part of any Early Learning program. Indiana Phenology can help your students develop this crucial skill while learning about seasons and the life cycles of plants and animals. Children will also build confidence, develop observational skills, and foster their love of nature.

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Budding Scientists

Help your students prepare for life by setting long-term goals, building teamwork skills, and gaining experience in the sciences - all while meeting a range of NGSS or Common Core Standards. Empower them to choose their sites and create an observation schedule, provide opportunities for leadership development, and expand their ecological knowledge.


Advance Curiosity

Older students have serious questions about the environment and climate change. Schoolyard Phenology gives them the opportunity to ask these questions and search for the answers. Help your students prepare for college with critical thinking and inquiry skills. Plus, student earn volunteer hours for scholarships!

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