Observer Tools

A straight-forward guide to getting started with phenology - on mobile and desktop - in three simple steps.

Not sure where to start? This guide shows you some location-specific species just waiting to be observed!

This USA-National Phenology Network guide offers detailed explanations of many phenophases and how you can identify them.

Learn About Phenology

How Plants Predict Climate Change

Researchers at UC Santa Barbara explain how studying the life-cycle of plants can give us a wealth of information about climate. They're working with the National Phenology Network to encourage everyone to track the seasonal changes of plants in their own backyards. Scientists can use this data to better understand both the effects of climate change and pinpoint some possible solutions on a local level. We are doing the same for Indiana.

Ologies Podcast - Phenology Episode

Seasonal researcher and expert Phenologist Dr. Libby Ellwood weighs in with amazing information about why fall smells so good, why leaves change color, why we like to cronch them, historical records of blossoms and twigs, bird migrations, Daylight Savings, seasonal mythbusting, pumpkin spice vs. apple cider, the best temperature to wear sweaters, why the Halloween aisle springs up in summer and how global temperature shifts affect the whole food web.

Phenology Handbook

Suggested Ages 13+

A guide to phenological monitoring for students, teachers, families, and nature enthusiasts. FREE PDF DOWLOAD

Indiana Species Phenophase Guides

How do you know what a phenophase looks like? Check out these handy species-specific phenophase guides! FREE PHENOPHASE GUIDES

Phenology for Kids

Phenology Scavenger Hunt

Suggested Ages 6 - 12

Turn your backyard or schoolyard into an outdoor laboratory! Kids will need to use their math, critical thinking, and observation skills complete their cards as they explore nature. Exercise? Check. Reading? Check. STEM? Check!

Rainy day? No problem!
"Hunt" through magazines for images that match each square and write down the page numbers. Or pick a square and write a story, draw a picture, or sing a song!

SciGirls Phenology Episode

Ages 9 - 14

SciGirls spring into action! Minnesota sixth-grader Jordan gathers her girls to track changes in flowers and plants as spring emerges, and celebrates by creating a sculpture and a time-lapse video of the season’s arrival.

10-week Spring Environmental Education

Grades 4-8

This curriculum provides upper elementary-aged children with the opportunity to explore environmental issues through the lens of phenology. In addition to engaging crafts and activities, students have the opportunity to be scientists as they participate in Indiana Phenology’s Schoolyard Phenology observation program by observing and documenting the spring awakening of plants on school grounds