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Phenology is the study of seasonal changes in nature.
We are working to gather baseline data on leafing, fruiting and flowering of common native plants in all 92 Indiana counties with the help of volunteers just like you.

Our volunteer observers use Nature's Notebook, a program developed by the USA National Phenology Network, to observe and record information on plant phenology. Observations made by Indiana Phenology volunteers contribute to the study of the impacts of a changing environment on people and ecosystems. Along the way, we promote the development of observation skills, cultivate an appreciation for nature, and ignite curiosity and wonder.

We have opportunities for individuals, groups and schools to participate:
  • Indiana Backyard Observers: Individuals and families observe plants year round and record what they see using Nature's Notebook.
  • Indiana Schoolyard Phenology: Schools create Nature's Notebook monitoring locations on school grounds where students can experience science in action as they make regular observations of seasonal change in nature.
  • Indiana Phenology Trail: Partnering organizations establish one or more phenology walks on their property and utilize Nature's Notebook in support of education, management or research goals.
We offer training and educational opportunities to Backyard Observers, participants at partnering sites, and classroom teachers across Indiana. We create and share educational resources online and publish a monthly newsletter sharing phenology data collected by our observers. We also provide internship opportunities for college students.