for K-12 schools


Schools will receive a free curriculum guide to supplement their science education, invitations to interschool collaboration meetings, and optional supply kits.


Knowledge is Power

Engaging Hoosiers is what we do. From developing community partnerships to facilitating educational programs, Indiana Phenology is dedicated to finding and mobilizing Hoosiers in experiential science programs while building a more complete database of phenological data.


Backyard Observers

Just ten minutes a week helps protect people and place. Backyard Observers monitor self-selected sites and species for changes throughout the year and report them to the National Phenology Network. Data collected are accessible for free to the public.


Schoolyard Phenology

Engage your K-12 students in the study of ecology and the environment, immerse them in the scientific process, and help them understand the impact of climate change in their own backyards.

Get free curriculum development, funding assistance, and on-going support for your school!

Phenology Trails

Do you manage or visit a conservation area, park, beach, or watershed? Phenology Trails facilitate informed management and protection of these areas by increasing public awareness, building a database of scientific data for native and invasive species, and encouraging active community participation.

Know a place that would make a great Trail? Tell us about it!

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Protecting People and Place

With the help of people like you, we can accurately represent the phenology of the state of Indiana. Aggregated data reports will inform policymakers, managers, and researchers of migration patterns, climate change, seasonal patterns, and more!


Awareness is a prerequisite to action. Being outdoors and recording data facilitates awareness and encourages citizen action.


Indiana is wildly diverse. From endangered prairie to sweeping dunes, old growth forests to stunning wetlands and watersheds.
Every acre is valuable.


The protection of our natural places is dependent on us all. We are dedicated to making phenology accessible to all Hoosiers, young and old.


Understanding and predicting phenocycles gives stakeholders the data necessary to allocate resources to the places with the most need.


Support our Mission

When you donate to Indiana Phenology, you are supporting education, community, and conservation. You can even dedicate your gift to a particular county, school, or project!

Help Fill the Gaps

Indiana Phenology has Backyard Observers in 24 counties and we need your help to fill the information gaps in your home town! If you want to fight climate change, have more reasons to get outside, and be a citizen scientist, then be a pioneer for your county and join Backyard Observers today!

It only takes a few minutes each week to observe and record plants and animals in your backyard!